Our Story

We come from two different worlds

We met in the 70s while in the U.S.Marine Corps stationed at Twentynine Palms California. Joe had   recently returned from his second tour in Vietnam where he received a battlefield commission, and I was a new second lieutenant fresh out of The Basic School.

We returned to civilian life, and Joe's career took him into Executive Operations positions at Best Products, Pennzoil to company ownership to consulting. Carol went the route of Human Resources. As you can imagine, we had some interesting conversations over a couple decades as we pursued our careers.  Suffice it to say that he was my first introduction to why HR MUST be strategically tuned into the business.  That insight served me well.

Carol was fortunate that her early HR career in compensation was the equivalent of an academic program in business and finance. But her interest was in the dynamics of people, culture and organizations so she pursued graduate studies in human resource development and the blend of the abstract work of people, and the definitive work of finance served her well.

We realized that all of the years of debating people and operations

together gave us a unique set of credentials that allow us to work across organizational silos and ask the questions that cause business people to work together to align people and business.

So we decided to found Anderson Performance Partners LLC


What we Read and Write

Shared Leadership on BizCatalyst360

Carol is a featured columnist on BizCatalyst360, writing articles (usually) about the concept of collaboration, communication and accountability.


ReWork is an award winning Human Resources blog sponsored by Cornerstone, and featuring prominent writers in the HR space.  Carol has been a contributor to ReWork since 2013.

Carol's Blog

At The Intersection is Carol's professional blog, where she reflects on current events in leadership, culture, and organizational dynamics.