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People Strategy

Your strategic plan is great, but how will you align peoples' work to execute intentionally? We can help.


Team Performance

Teams must work effectively, yet retain their perspective of the organizational goals.  We help teams create their business plan within the context of the bigger picture.


Human Resources Strategy

Different than people strategy, human resources strategy is having the right talent in the right place at the right time. That means that human resources programs must be designed within the context of the business strategy, and facilitate performance that drives success.

People Strategy

Assess alignment

Assess alignment

Assess alignment


Work that doesn't align to your business strategy wastes money. 

We evaluate the alignment of leaders, processes, programs and practices to help you ensure that they align to your culture and strategy.

Identify the gap

Assess alignment

Assess alignment


We facilitate the discovery of alignment gaps, engaging key leadership in understanding the consequences of mis-alignment, and considering alternatives.

We bring tools and processes to strengthen alignment, drive accountability and communicate effectively.

Plan and execute

Assess alignment

Develop leadership teams


We don't "do" strategic planning. We do strategic planning for successful execution. Our process for execution works.

We complete our engagement with a written plan containing recommended actions and next steps.

Develop leadership teams

Develop leadership teams

Develop leadership teams


We help leadership teams learn to build a common language that facilitates working effectively across business siloes to build trust.

While some of the development of a leadership team is  dependent on the skills of the individual leader, leadership team development is learning to work collaboratively and cohesivey so all elements of the business are headed in the same direction.

Develop & coach leaders

Develop leadership teams

Develop & coach leaders


We help those in leadership roles learn the skills that drive organizational performance.

Sometimes individual leaders benefit from an outside resource to help them execute and communicate effectively.  

We work directly with individual leaders to frame their departments business plan, and build the commitment and engagement of their team.

Improve performance

Develop leadership teams

Develop & coach leaders


The work of your leaders and employees should drive your operational plan. We help you measure performance.

Our focus is on building processes and confidence in organizational accountability, not just "check the box" that you have a performance management program.

However you decide to manage performance should drive performance measurably. 

Team Performance

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A Key Competency

Teamwork is critically important in today's work environment. A diverse perspective from all members of the team fuels innovation and propels strong results.

The behaviors of each team member contribute (or not) to success, and sometimes teams need a little help to appreciate and respect each others' differences. 

We help teams learn about strengths and develop a common language so that communication is streamlined and focused, thereby reducing misunderstanding.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been used all over the world , by organizations large and small, to build team awareness. 

 "Type provides a framework for understanding individual differences, and provides a dynamic model of individual development, it has found wide application in the many functions that compose an organization," Gordon Lawrence and Charles Martin, Building People, Building Programs (CAPT 2001).

When you understand your type preferences, you can approach your own work in a manner that best suits your style and facilitates collaboration and understanding of others.

Knowledge of type can help you better understand the culture of the place you work, develop new skills, understand your participation in teams, and cope with change in the workplace.

Team to Team Collaboration

These days it is not enough to work effectively within a team. Each team must recognize that they are part of a bigger whole.

We facilitate not only team development, but keen awareness of the team's role in the performance of the organization overall.

Human Resources Strategy


HR is a Key Leader in Business Success

Our fundamental belief is that the profession of Human Resources is a key strategic resource for organizations. 

So often, we get stuck - stuck in administrative duties and employee problems - that we don't have time to generate the strategic credibility we need by demonstrating how people process are the key to business success.

We work with HR, not against them

I have always resented managmenet consultants gaining access to senior leadership, and then recommending changes that impact HR. We don't do that.

Whether engaged for simple meeting facilitation or for a full-blown business strategy design, we ensure that HR is a key partner in the design and development of strategic initiatives.

Leading an HR Transformation

Carol's book, Leading an HR Transformation: A Practical Roadmap for Aligning People Strategies to Business Results, is a compilation of 40 years leading corporate human resources functions.

Join "Karen," a fictional new VP of HR as she gets to know the strengths and weaknesses of her new team, and builds a Road Map to become a credible and valued organizational leader.

The book is aligned with the SHRM Competency Model and provides resources, research and exercises to bring the HR team together as a true business partner.

Two Ways We Help

We work with HR leadership to align process, policy and practice with the cultural aspirations of the organization.

We help HR build and implement a "people strategy" for their organizations.

Let's talk about your HR team, and how you can gain tremendous credibility with business leaders.

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We are always open to talking, and many times a short conversation can open up new possibilities.